Did you know that analog videos from VHS, 8mm or Betamax may only last 10-15 years? That’s because they are recorded magnetically and deteriorate over time. The quality and color of your videos will eventually fade away, even if they are just sitting on a shelf. Precious memories like weddings, the arrival of a baby, family and holiday gatherings, dance recitals, plays, birthday parties and sports events can be lost forever if they aren't digitally converted.

While newer digital formats have emerged, DVD remains the digital standard of the 21st century. In addition to providing a sharper and more detailed picture, DVDs can be copied without losing quality. When handled and stored properly, DVDs are expected to last 100+ years, allowing you to preserve your memories for many generations to come. 


Preserve your memories, from first steps, first baseball game, and first dance recital to your high school and college graduations to your wedding or your grandma's 90th birthday. Let DVD Memories Preserved keep those moments in a format you, your children, and your grandchildren can enjoy for a lifetime.


Did you find an old audio recording? We can convert them to a digital format for you. Listen to your baby's first words, sentimental cassette recordings, or voicemails of a lost love one. We can help keep your audio recordings alive.


Do you have a stack of mm films in your attic? We can help you bring them back to life. From family reunions and weddings to graduations and vacations, you probably have important milestones and memories stored away on film. Now's the time to have them digitally formatted into something to pass on to the next generation. 


The days of old scrapbooks filled with photos are fading. Dig them out of the trunk and let us help you preserve your memories. From photos that belonged to your great-great grandparents to your own snapshots from your high school and college years to your kids growing up, these are moments in time that you don't want to forget! Have DVD Memories Preserved put them on a CD or create a DVD slideshow to highlight the past.