Bring them back to life by having them transferred to a digital format. We can convert your mm films to DVD or hard drive. 

Formats Accepted

Regular 8mm
Super 8mm and Super 8mm with sound


8mm/Super 8mm
2000 ft. or less: $0.25/ft.
Over 2000 ft.: $0.23/ft.

2000 ft. or less: $0.27/ft.
Over 2000 ft.: $0.25/ft.
Sound film: Additional $0.05/ft.

Conversion price does not include cost of DVD. Minimum order for film $35.00.


  • Splicing (required for 50 ft. reels)*: $1.25/reel
  • Background music: $20.00/hr.
  • Custom narration: $50.00/hr.
  • Custom editing: $50.00/hr.
  • Titles and graphics: $3.00/line
  • Film cleaning: $0.02/ft.

*50 ft.(3 inch) reels require splicing onto 400 ft. reels. Digital conversion only.