Bring them back to life by having them transferred to a digital format. We can convert your mm films to DVD or hard drive. 

Formats Accepted

Regular 8mm
Super 8mm and Super 8mm with sound


8mm/Super 8mm
2000 ft. or less: $0.25/ft.
Over 2000 ft.: $0.23/ft.

2000 ft. or less: $0.27/ft.
Over 2000 ft.: $0.25/ft.
Sound film: Additional $0.10/ft.

Conversion price does not include cost of DVD or USB drive. Minimum order for film $35.00.


  • Splicing (required for 50 ft. reels)*: $1.50/reel
  • 400 ft plastic film reels (required for multiple 50 ft reels) $5/each
  • Background music: $20.00/hr.
  • Custom narration: $50.00/hr.
  • Custom editing: $50.00/hr.
  • Titles and graphics: $3.00/line
  • Film cleaning: $0.02/ft.

*50 ft.(3 inch) reels require splicing onto 400 ft. reels. Digital conversion only. 

While DVD Memories Preserved handles your precious media carefully, we cannot accept responsibility or be held liable for damage resulting from aged or previously worn or damaged materials.