We can digitally scan your 35mm slides and photos to a photo CD or DVD slideshow.

Formats Accepted

We accept photos and can process most standard slide sizes.

Scanning Prices

0-1000 images: $0.99/image    
Over 1000 images: $0.89/image 

Price includes 300 dpi JPEG scan and basic color correction only. For higher quality TIF scan, add $0.10/image. 600 dpi scans available for additional $0.25/image. 1200 dpi scan available for $2.50 /image.

Additional cost of .05/image required for photos provided in photo albums

Additional cost of .05/image required for slides provided in trays 

*$25 minimum on all scan orders


4x6 digital prints: $3.00
5x7 digital prints: $4.00
8x10 digital prints: $5.00
DVD slideshow with music: $50.00/hr
Advanced color correction: $25.00/hr

8GB flash drive $15

16GB flash drive $20
32GB flash drive $25

64GB flash drive $30
1 TB hard drive $100