Q: Is the work performed locally?

A: All work is performed in our production facility in Decatur, IL. Our private courier will pick-up and deliver your materials to and from your drop off location so you don't need to worry about having your materials shipped through the mail. 

Q: Can I combine multiple videotapes to fill a DVD?

A: Yes. A DVD can hold 2 hrs. of standard definition video. For an additional $10 per tape, you may combine as many videotapes that will completely fit on the DVD.

Q: What is the turnaround time?

A: Usually orders can be delivered back tot eh customer drop off location within 3-4 weeks.

Q: How do I determine the length of my film?

A: Generally film reels come in 3 sizes: 50 ft (3 in), 200 ft (5 in), and 400 ft (7 in). If the reels are not completely full, you may find markings on the reel which will help indicate the lengh.

Q: Can you deliver my files in an editable format or on a hard drive?

A: Yes. We use video time base correctors to help stabilize jittery images, enhance the color, sharpness, tint, brightness and contrast on your videos and film when required.